Future Architecture and System Technology for Scalable Computing




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For future scalable computing systems, we explore not only processor, memory and IO subsystem architectures but also system hardware and software together. Especially, we aim to prototype our cool concepts with various implementation technologies and demonstrate them with commercial systems although we evaluate them with simulators. We also study various non-conventional computing paradigms, such as bio-inspired and neuromorphic computing to make the computing systems more intelligent, robust and power-efficient.



Professor Kim’s 2003 IEEE/ACM International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO) paper got SIGMICRO Test of Time Award


Professor Kim is named the W.J. ‘Jerry’ Sanders III – Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. Endowed Chair


Professor Kim’s work with his former post-doc student, Professor Daehoon Kim at DGIST on an energy-efficient memory system, GreenDIMM got accepted by MICRO 2021!.


Professor Kim’s work with his former post-doc student, Professor Daehoon Kim at DGIST and former Ph.D. student, Professor Mohammad Alian at Kansas University on an network-driven server power management, NMAP got accepted by MICRO 2021!.


Youjie Li’s work on training large DNN models on commodity servers for the masses got accepted by HotOS XVIII. Congratulations to Youjie!


Professor Kim’s work on PIM hardware architecture and software stack,Hardware Architecture and Software Stack for PIM Based on Commercial DRAM Technology” got accepted by ISCA 2021!


Yifan Yuan’s work on DDIO (Data Direct I/O)-aware last level cache management got accepted by ISCA 2021. Congratulations to Yifan!


Professor Kim’s work on storage class memory with Professor Jung at KAIST got accepted by ISCA 2021!


Professor Kim gave a keynote speech on his PIM work at HPCA!


Professor Kim’s paper on the industry’s first HBM Processing In Memory (PIM) chip will be presented at ISSCC! [Samsung’s Press Release, Youtube Press Release, ZDNet, Tom’s Hardware] 


Professor Kim was elevated to ACM Fellow [ACM Press Release].


BabelFish: Fusing address translations for containers appeared in ISCA 2020 was selected as one of IEEE Micro Top Pick 2021 papers.